Experience the wonder and unlock the mystery of XING: The Land Beyond, a first-person puzzle-adventure game for the PC, PS4 and Virtual Reality

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You Died. Welcome to XING.


Your body may be gone, but your life has just begun. In death, you will find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious lands, in an afterlife where you must uncover secrets as to who you are and why you are there.


In the land of XING you are crossing the threshold between life and death.


You are on a journey to earn your freedom, while freeing other spirits trapped in the in-between. Each realm you visit was once home to a spirit, which will act as a guide in telling the story of his/her life through scattered poetry. Spirits will also help you in your quest to solve puzzles, in the hopes that you will set them free when you pass through the final gate into oblivion...

XING: The Land Beyond is an atmospheric first-person puzzle-adventure game for the PC, PS4 and Virtual Reality, and set in the afterlife. Gameplay involves exploration, solving environment-based puzzles and gaining/using powers such as rain and snow to progress through levels.


Spiritualism, mysticism and logic come together in the land of XING, where you will traverse mountains, deserts, forests, volcanoes and more.


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Original Score

Weather Control

Dazzling 3-D Environments

Integrated Day-Night Cycle

3-D Environmental Puzzles

Intuitive First-Person Controls

Story Told Through Poetry

Virtual Reality Enabled

Unreal Engine 4


In the Media

"XING it a beautiful MYST-like game, it  has an interesting mix of puzzles and spiritualism. However what really jumps out is how beautiful the game looks...Simply Amazing"



"I've had a chance to tool around with a pre-alpha build of the game, and even in that early state I came away impressed"


"Some game makers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on gigantic displays to draw the attention of E3 visitors. Others lurk in quiet corners, winning hearts one at a time."


"The atmospheric music and absolutely gorgeous graphics made my mouth drop"


"It’s an adventure videogame that taxes the player’s minds more than their trigger finger, placing them in a lost world setting filled with traps, puzzles and hidden treasure. Furthermore, the whole thing is absolutely gorgeous, as if you needed any more reason to invest your interest."

"We loved the emphasis on puzzle-based gaming and the beautiful environments that communicated a mood and story without ever saying a word."


"The world of XING exists to be explored, enjoyed, and solved...an impressive work worth keeping an eye on"

Interview E3 2014

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